What you really want to know…

GOLD 4x sessions: $82.83pw

– 4x Weekday Sessions Mon-Thurs
– Free Saturday Bootcamp
– 50% discount Lengthen & Stretch
– 15% Discount at Intersport Mildura

SILVER 3x sessions: $62.83pw

– 3x sessions per week Mon-Thurs
– 50% discount on Saturday Bootcamp
– 15% Discount at Intersport Mildura

Bronze 2x sessions per week: $42.83pw

– 2x Weekday Sessions Mon-Thurs
– 25% off Saturday Bootcamp
– 15% Discount at Intersport Mildura

1x session per week: $22.83pw

– 1 session per week Mon-Thurs
– 15% Discount at Intersport Mildura

*Upfront pricing available

Casual Visits
1 Casual Pass | $25
2 Casual Passes | $46

12-Week Cycle
Unlimited classes | $92.83 pw
4x sessions pw | $82.83 pw
3x sessions pw | $62.83 pw
2x sessions pw | $42.83 pw
1x session pw | $22.83 pw
Are you a Shift Worker? Contact Us
60 min 1-on-1 | $71.23pw for 1pw
60 min 1-on-1 | $141.23pw for 2pw
2pw includes FREE Bootcamp
45 min 1-on-1 | $57.23 for 1pw
45 min 1-on-1 | $113.23 for 2pw



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You've got this far. So, you're thinking about it. And we don't want you to be nervous. Best to know if you like us first, right? There's no strings attached if you don't. Pop your details below, and we will email you our calendar right away so you can book in a time that suits you. And you don't need to wear workout clothes. Come straight after work, or when the kids are at school.